What We Do

Full Service Government-Agency Consulting:

KC&A has developed a number of cost-effective approaches and processes for recognizing, appraising and developing our public agency clients; "assets." These often-not-recognized but very tangible possessions can, simply put, generate much needed revenues for government agencies at all levels - often with no capital investment. Assets can include longitudinal rights-of-way (ROW), individual parcels, abandoned properties and air rights. Whether it is an appraisal, establishing fair market value, or a formal and detail-specific Request for Proposals (RFP), KC&A has the experience and understanding of what the private sector will pay - or trade - for their assets.

Business Plan Development for Public Agencies:

KC&A has long standing expertise in developing the necessary elements necessary to determine the value of a public agency asset - and how to market that asset to the private sector. KC&A develops a number of reports and analyses for clients in the business planning process, including:

  • Determinations of fair market value
  • Cost/Benefit and Feasibility Analyses
  • Legal/Regulatory Analysis and Representation
  • Stakeholder Analyses
  • Alternatives/Options Analysis
  • Comprehensive Business Plans

Special Projects for Private-Sector Clients:

Most of KC&A's clients are public agencies, including seven state departments of transportation, seven transit agencies, a multitude of municipalities and a number of large, regional government agencies (e.g., Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California). Only recently has KC&A agreed to assist private clients in understanding and dealing with public agencies - and only after determining no actual (or potential) conflict of interest exists.

Since 2000, KC&A has been offering specialized services to private clients, including:

  • Appraisals of ROW, buildings and property parcels with telecommunications value
  • Consultative services that ensure successful proposals in competitive bid processes
  • Strategic and tactical planning services that ensure successful negotiations with public agencies
  • Public affairs and public relations services regarding all issues related to joint development projects with the public sector
  • Negotiations Management that actually assists our clients in negotiating‹from either side of the table - the very unique terms and conditions necessary to create public/private joint development arrangements.

Unlike conventional consultants who provide advice only (We do that too!), KC&A will "game" the various scenarios, design the contract language that protects our client and actively participate with the client in negotiations to ensure that the final result is a long-term arrangement that works for both parties.