Our Approach

KC&A has always worked primarily through referrals from existing clients. We also submit proposals in response to competitive bid processes - our second source of new business. In either situation, KC&A offers a core set of principles to the client.

We bring the following attributes and approach to each of our clients:

  • No Conflicts of Interest: Until we are satisfied that no conflict of interest - or the appearance of a conflict of interest - exists, KC&A will simply not accept the proffered business.

    Honesty and Integrity: KC&A believes that a client deserves the best representation and advice possible. That can often mean unflinching honesty and recommendations that do not always satisfy a client's received wisdom. The telecommunications marketplace is a tough and highly competitive environment. With 30 years of experience surviving - really excelling - for our clients in this milieu, KC&A takes some pride in continuing the tradition of honesty and integrity in all client dealings.

  • Creativity and Ingenuity: KC&A is a small consulting firm. Nevertheless, we have been an integral part of major changes in the telecommunications marketplace during the last 30 years. Whether it was the development of the first transit system telecommunications profit center at BART or the developing the profit incentive for the "Easy Pass" electronic toll system that is the standard for the industry, KC&A has gained an well-deserved reputation for creativity, flexibility and ingenuity. (For examples, click here to see the page entitled "Our Firsts").

  • Experience: KC&A counts 30 plus years of consulting, negotiating and providing services to clients in the telecommunications industry. We were successful when the capitalization and construction phases of national and regional fiber optic networks were in their infancy. KC&A was at the forefront of the wireless industry build - out, designing the large scale state - wide contracts and processes that enabled the industry to use government agency properties, pay these agencies fair market value - and largely complete the wireless tower networks that serve the country today.

  • Effective Communicators: KC&A has been highly successful in creating public/private resource sharing arrangements. This often means combining two widely disparate cultures that realize the intrinsic value of a proposed venture - but are almost genetically predisposed otherwise. While the interests of our client are paramount, we also recognize and understand the views and attitudes of the party on the other side of the table. That means we immeasurably increase the chances of successfully completing a joint development project - and not foundering on miscommunications in the process.